Selected presentations (after 2010):

2016    Video-based Listening: The role of captions. Festvortrag. Schlüssel zum  Bildungserfolg: Sprachliche Kompetenzen fördern und bewerten. (with P. Winke, Leipzig, Germany.

2016    The use of captions: Theoretical and pedagogical considerations. TESOL, Baltimore, April (with P. Winke and D. Isbell).    

2015    Where research meets practice: Interaction in the classroom—who benefits and why? International Symposium: Cross-linguistic and Cross-cultural Contacts, Universidad del Valle, Cali, Colombia.

2015    Captions: Why and how are they useful in teaching listening skills?. Asia TEFL International Conference, Nanjing, November.

2015    From Classroom to Theory and Back Again: A look at the role of captions. Language in Focus Conference, Capadocia, Turkey, March.

2014    Input, interaction, and output: Their role in SLA. The 10th Malaysia International Conference on English Language Teaching, September

2013    Connecting Interaction-based Research with Other Disciplines . Japan-Second Language Acquisition Conference, Tokyo.

2013    Corrective feedback: what is it, how do we do it and does it work? Presentation at American College of Greece, Athens.

2012    Interlanguage 40 Years Later: A look at data and research methods over time. Interlanguage Symposium, Columbia University (with C. Polio)

2012    Who can be and who cannot be a good “interactionist” learner? Fifth National Symposium on SLA, Wuhan, China.

2011    Interaction and language learning: recent trends and classroom practices, Conference at Southeast University, Nanjing

           Applied Linguistics, SLA, and language teaching: A complicated relationship. International conference on foreign language teaching and applied linguistics. Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

           Foreign Language Teaching and Applied Linguistics: The intersection. The 9th Asia TEFL International Conference, Seoul, Korea.

           Applied Linguistics, Language Learning, and Language Teaching: Creating a Research Link. NTUT Applied Linguistics Conference. Taipei, Taiwan.

2010    Issues of quality in SLA: Finding our own brand of acceptable standards. Plenary at Australian Applied Linguistics Association, Brisbane, July.